Flakey & Flurry

The Story Of How Flakey & Flurry Came To Be….

“How dare you!” Lily shouted at Tom as an icy snowball whacked her in the arm. She formed a snowball between her frosty hands and patted it so it was perfectly round. When she was just about to throw it at Tom she stopped and stared at it for a minute before scanning the backyard for more snow.

“Let’s both make a snowman!” She squealed, gathering up snow from every inch of the backyard. Before you knew it Lily and Tom had shaped two classic snowmen made out of three large snow balls. Lily stepped away from her snowman and admired her work.

“They need a face” She exclaimed as Tom came over and stood next to her.
“Scarfs too!” Tom added, bolting inside to find some.
“OH AND HATS!” Lily screamed, running after him.

Tom managed to find two double sided scarfs with white on one side and black on the other. He draped them over the snowmen so they showed opposite sides, and then he placed the top hats on their heads.

“I don’t think Dad will like us using his hats” Lily giggled.
“He won’t notice” Tom shrugged inspecting the snowmen’s faces.
“We need some stones. You can get some while I get the carrots” Tom instructed while he disappeared inside again.

While his mother was making dinner Tom sneakily snatched two carrots from the chopping board and ran back outside, afraid of being caught.

“Here” He said, shoving the carrots in Lily’s face. Lily stuck the carrots in the centre of the snowmen’s faces and placed all the black stones around it, making a smiling face.

“I shall call mine Flakey” Tom said proudly looking at his snowman which was beaming back at him.
“Flurry seems like a fantastic name for mine” Lily replied finding some sticks on the ground for the snowmen’s arms.

“DINNER” Their mother shouted from the kitchen. Tom opened the door as Lily followed him inside. As he shut the door behind him he swore he saw one of the snowmen wink at him but when he told his sister she laughed at him. Little did Tom know Flakey and Flurry had some pretty big adventures planned.

Stay tuned for more adventures when the snow starts falling!

Story By Mikaela Copland