Dedicated Tobogganing area

A specific area for the use of plastic injection moulded toboggans! The Zipfy Toboggan & Zipflracer will be available to hire 

Powered Snowboards

Hire one of our Shredders, dual tracked fun machine ridden standing up in a snowboard stance.

Powerful 200cc engine.

Unavailable for Season 2020


Kids Snowmobiles

Yes you read it right! The Kids Snowmobile’s are specially designed for kids that are 5 year old + and up to 50Kg! There will be a mini-circuit for the little ones and a grand circuit through the trees for the older ones! They are petrol powered and heaps of fun!

Unavailable for Season 2020


Mt Hotham Activities

Snowstuff Park in conjunction with Mount Hotham is pleased to announce the ninth year of operations in an Australian first in the Alps!

Mount Hotham Snowstuff Park will open for season 2020 in late June/July (snow conditions dependent)! It will feature some activities that have not been experienced by the Australian snowgoer until now! The Snowplay Park will be located at Wire Plain right next to the Hotham Resort Bus Stop Number 12. Car parking will also be available adjacent to the bus stop.

SnowStuffPark Activities

Snow Scooters

Just like the road scooters you see, but with ski blades on them.  Heaps of fun!  Used in a dedicated area.

Unavailable in Season 2020


Snow Shoes

Our fleet of snowshoes are easy to fit amd easy to use.  Can be used with snowboard boots or walking boots.  We recommend waterproof boots as snow can sometimes build up on your boots.  Daily and overnight options available.  Take advantage of Mt Hotham’s shared track network.

Sled Legs

Strap them on to your legs, kneel down and off you go down the hill!  The newest type of tobogganing direct from Canada!

Snow Country Snowmobile & Sled Tours

New expanded route for 2020

Get picked up from your lodge (davenport area only) and take off on our new tour.  You will travel in a custom built sled behind our Snowmobile taking in the sights of some of Mt Hothams most stunning back country!  Tour goes to the Dargo lookout where you will get some of the most picturesque views of the High Plains.  Our Sled suits up to 4 people.  Dont forget the camera!  Our new Derricks Hut tour is now available too and includes lunch and snowshoe to Mt Loch!

  1. (1)Free = Authorised toboggans only, must be moulded plastic toboggans, no tubes, sliders , wooden or metal toboggans. Snowstuff Park reserves the absolute right to refuse any toboggan deemed not safe and to limit numbers. Snowstuff Park complies with Mt Hotham Resort Management Board bylaws that prohibit use of some toboggans that do include the above.
  2. All activities are assessed each day and are opened dependent on snow and weather conditions in conjunction with advice from Ski Patrol and Mt Hotham Resort Management Board.
  3. Snowstuff Park does not charge entry to the park but some activities attract charges. As area is within Mt Hotham Resort normal resort entry fees are payable.


For participants at our Mount Hotham park – please fill in this waiver prior to arrival at the Park if you intend on participating in activities.