Mt Hotham

Mount Hotham Snow Play Park

Snowstuff Park in conjunction with Mount Hotham is pleased to announce our park operations.  The original and the best in an Australian first in the Alps!

Mount Hotham Snowstuff Park will open for season 2021 from June 12th (snow conditions dependent)! It will feature some activities that have not been experienced by the Australian snowgoer until now! The Snowplay Park is located at Wire Plain right next to the Hotham Resort Bus Stop Number 12. Car parking will also be available adjacent to the bus stop.  Please note that due to COVID-19 we will be restricted in times and activities for season 2021.

Park Opening Hours 2021 


 12th-13th June 10am-4pm

 19th-20th June 10am-4pm

 26th-30th June 10am-4pm

 1st-11th July 10am-4pm

 16-18th July 10am-4pm

 23rd-26th July 10am-4pm

 30th-31st July 10am-4pm


 1st August 10am-4pm


 13th-15th 10am-4pm

 20th-22nd 10am-4pm

 27th-28th 10am-4pm


 4th-5th 11am-3pm

 10th-12th 11am-3pm

 17th-30th 11am-3pm


 1st-3rd 12pm-3pm